24 November 2005

What kind of blog do you have?

Thomas Crampton writes on Joi Ito's Web:

"In studying blogs I have come to notice there are relatively few styles of postings. In descending order of difficulty, they are:

Conversational: Asks for a response, implicitly or explicity. Often gets no responses but occasionally it hits a home run with a great discussion.

Informational: A 'neat-o' style of posting that tells information but does not really encourage discussion. These tend to get links without comment. BoingBoing, Engadget, etc are very successful blogs of this sort.

Polemical: A posting that takes a strong opinion. These tend to get both responses and links. The responses, however, tend to be opinions. Can be dull unless you use it like a drunk leaning on a lamppost: More for support than shedding light."

I think Communication Nation is primarily conversational, with informational posts filling in the spaces between the conversations. What do you think?

And how would you characterize your blog?

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