01 November 2005

What is a follow trail?

A follow trail is a simple question that you can keep asking till you get to the root of something. Just continue to ask the question till you get to the source. You'll be surprised how powerful this one is. Follow trails are typically based on one-word questions, like:
- And?/and?
- Why?/why?
- How?/how?

[Note: There wasn't actually a term for this, but it was an important concept so I made it up :)]

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Anonymous said...

Nice. I have long repeated the phrase (particularly with engineers), "Why is that good?" when trying to get them to explain why having that extra button makes sense to the consumer...

Unknown said...

Good one!

Anonymous said...

When studying "Lean Manufacturing" I learned the Japanese practice of asking WHY five times (politely, your "other" words serve the same purpose)

If you remember back as a kid you probably did the same thing to your parents. It's how we learn.