26 November 2005


Even if you're not a professional copy editor, you may be asked to check someone else's writing or read it and comment. If you're going to mark up someone else's copy, it's a good idea to know how the professionals do it: over the years they have developed excellent standards.

Here's a summary.

More at Chicago Manual of Style: Chicago Manual of Style - Tools - Proofreading

[Update: Here are some lesser-known proofreader marks from Geist, courtesy of Neil at beatnikpad (I have a feeling these might more fully express the emotions of copy editors I have known in my journalism career). Thanks Neil!]

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Anonymous said...

What do you do when a post about proofreading has a typographical error? You left out the "v" in the word "over."

In any case, thanks for the excellent resources.

Unknown said...

You tell the author of course! Fixed, and thanks :)