05 November 2005

What's your penguin score?

Michael Katz of Blue Penguin Development offers something he calls the Penguin Score. Although Michael is a specialist in email newsletters, it's a great way to score yourself on any communication.

Position: Did you take a position or try to please everyone?
Easy: Was it easy to understand? Did you use simple language or try to impress with jargon or tech-speak?
Narrow: Did you narrow it down to a few simple ideas?
Genuine: Is it genuine, sincere. Is it you?
Useful: Is it practical and can people apply it in their lives?
Infectious: Is it viral? Will it spark conversations?
uNexpected: Did you wake people up?

Here's how to score yourself:
For each attribute listed, assign a grade of 0,1 or 2 (2 being the best). Add up your total score and take the appropriate action:

11 - 14: Go with it!
8 - 10: Keep working.
5 - 7: Start over.
0 - 4: Have you considered a career in politics?

You can order printed Penguin scorecards for yourself or colleagues at penguinscore.com.

[Thanks to Adam Ciesielski for the penguin photo]

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