08 October 2005

Saturday night fights

In tonight's main event you will fight an army of zombies.

According to the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency (FMZA), "In ancient times zombies and vampires were frequently pitted against each other for the enjoyment of bloodthirsty spectators." So which is more formidable?

Here are some photos from a recent zombie attack.

Before the fight you might want to review the five pillars of zombie fighting:
  1. Never underestimate the zombie
  2. Never engage a zombie if you can avoid it
  3. Focus on the task; keep fear out of your head
  4. Do not allow the zombie to get a grip on you
  5. Seek medical attention after any encounter
You might also review how to survive a zombie attack and review this zombie infection simulation to ensure you are fully prepared.

Are you ready to fight?

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1 comment:

Sydney said...

Huh. I just never knew... you know, about your fascination with zombies and vampires.