20 October 2005

Draw your to-do list

From idea*idea: How to Bubble Map:

"'I have checked off many To Dos... but I just do not feel like i've accomplished a lot...'.

This often happens to me (and you?), so I looked into the problem in depth. Then I realized that a To Do 'list' does not represent the importance of each item. Yes, you can 'A, B, C' the list, but your brain just does not catch how important each item is. In my opinion, it's justcounter-intuitive.

So a few weeks ago, I began 'drawing' my To Do list. Each bubble represents a To Do and the bigger the bubble the more troublesome it is to your mind. I named this map the 'bubble map'."

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Step said...

I'll have to try this tomorrow. I have been doing a version of this for awhile - I add asterisk(s) next to items as they are more important, and really important items can end up almost circled by asterisks! But unfortunately it's really messy, and I just line through them, so I don't feel quite the relief that he implies the bubble map gives him. I'll have to see if it works for me..

Anonymous said...

This is interesting, I wonder how some of the more popular gtd apps (Backpack, Remember The Milk) could incorporate this via flash for users who have pen & tablets?

Anonymous said...

Not a bad idea, but I prefer using different sizes of text/script, rather than just bubbles. i.e. The list is still just a list, but my "learn Java" item would be red and 30 pt., while "take out the trash" is just a gray 12. If this is done on a computer, it would also be nice to be able to arrange by color and/or size.