15 October 2005

Saturday night fights

Tonight, Communication Nation turns the spotlight on the inhuman sport of Catboxing.

Kitten War is the main event for the evening. You're the judge, and it's your job to decide which kitten is cutest: may the best kitten win.

The most difficult part of being a judge is dealing with the guilt of deciding who wins or loses the contest of cuteness. When you've judged a few matches you may want to visit the Hall of Losers to see whom you have condemned to a life of low self-esteem and possible criminal behavior.

If you are an especially cruel type of person, and like to see cats humiliated by being treated as dolls or furniture by their "loving" owners, check out stuffonmycat.com (and may god have mercy on your soul).

If you are a science type you might enjoy the Infinite Cat Project, which started with a cat watching a flower and has expanded to, well, the goal is an infinite number of cats looking at pictures of other cats (You'll need Flash).

Or you can just relax and watch some more crazy cat antics.

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