10 October 2005


Today I read the following in Scoble's Microsoft Geek Blogger:

Chris Pirillo just released his new service: http://gada.be/. He wrote more about Gada.be on his blog.

[Your query] goes out to a number of search services (he pulls in any service that he can find that has an API and an RSS feed). But that's not what's really cool. What's really cool is how you query using his service. You don't need to type in the URL, then wait for the page to load, then type text in a text box and wait again. No, just put your query in the URL. Here's the query for Seattle Sushi, for instance: http://seattle.sushi.gada.be/

But Scoble! Why search for sushi when you can search for http://communication.nation.gada.be/? It's gada.be.love.

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