24 October 2005

Everything you ever wanted to know about business blogs

Bill Keaggy was the first XPLANE blogger. He started xblog and bblog several years ago, and today they are staples in the blogging community. How did he do it?

Check out Bill's presentation, All about business blogs for a great overview of the subject. And if you like it, check out Beyond the printed page, another presentation from earlier this year.

Note: Bill has quite a few links within the presentations that are worth checking out.

If that isn't enough for you check out Fast Company's recommendations, from Business Blogging for Beginners:

1. Make Introductions.
2. Be authentic.
3. Dress business casual [Be informal but professional].
4. Don't scrimp [on your time commitment].
5. Have a contingency plan [for times when your company hits a crisis].

You might also want to check out The Guide to Corporate Blogging.

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Mateo & Mikah said...

Great post Dave. Thank you for the link(s) to a superb resumé of the hows & whys of business blogging.

Chris (the boy's Dad).

Mateo & Mikah said...

wooops, damn apostrophes! Make that:

Chris (the boys' Dad).

Unknown said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

anonymous said...

A month ago I started a business blogging news website. Just thought it meshed with your theme here. Thanks for the excellent info and links!