21 August 2005

Book ideas

Here are a few book ideas. I already wrote the first one! Let me know which of the others you would be most likely to buy.

1. Selling to the VP of NO (Selling for technologists)
Six steps to get from “No” to “Go”

Meet the VP of No. He may be your boss, your prospect, or your lead investor. He’s a tough, hard nosed businessman, and whatever you’re selling, he’s not buying. He’s not even listening? Spend 15 minutes reading this short, visual book, and learn how to break through that tough exterior and turn the VP of No into the VP of GO!

2. Wi Fi
The future of mobility

The Wi Fi revolution is upon us. Unleashed from their tethers to phone and electrical jacks, the world is about to change forever for consumers and business people. How can your business take advantage of the opportunities and avoid the threats that will inevitably result? This short, visual book paints a concrete picture of the future, showing how consumers and businesses will interact in this new, mobile world.

3. Information security
How vulnerable is your network?

If your network touches the Internet, it is vulnerable. Hackers, criminals and terrorists are becoming more technologically sophisticated every day, and fraud is on the rise. Taken together, the cost is staggering and the potential dangers even worse. This short, visual book details the vulnerability points of a typical enterprise-level network and describes some of the strategies and technologies available to make your network safe and secure.

4. Greasing the gears of business
An executive guide to XML and Web Services

Every business is part of a network – a chain designed to deliver value to customers as efficiently as possible. XML and Web Services have a profound affect on your business ecosystem. Do you know what opportunities exist for your company? Are you aware of the risks? This short, visual book will help you understand XML and Web Services from a strategic perspective, so you can make more informed decisions.

5. The new supply chain
How the Electronic Product Code will change your supply chain landscape

In the near future, the famous UPC bar code will be replaced. Its successor is the EPC code – a radio frequency ID, or RFID, tag. These small, cheap tags, now in development, will change your entire supply chain landscape. As broad industry support grows around the EPC standard, are you ready? This short visual guide shows how the EPC code will affect consumer privacy, supply chain security, warehouse management and the retail and pharmaceutical industries.

6. The selling gauntlet

How do you get past the gatekeeper? Which customers should you cultivate, and which should you lose? How do you build a long-lasting relationship with a large enterprise? These questions and more are answered by this visually engaging book, a collection of best practices, tips and tricks compiled from the popular XPLANATiONs published in Selling Power magazine.

7. Selling to BigCo

Welcome to BigCo, land of the complex sale, where each meting could be your last. Each step in the sales process can move you forward – or torpedo your sale, for good. This short visual guide shows the most common pitfalls, and some strategies for avoiding them so you can make sure you are fully understood, and close that complex sale.

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