22 August 2005

Clear away the fog of confusion

The business world suffers from an information glut. Information is everywhere, but so much of it is complex or unclear that it’s hard to know what anything means or why you should care. This is not only disconcerting, but confusing, frustrating and overwhelming.

This feeling – sometimes called information anxiety, information overload, or analysis paralysis – causes people to put off decisions so they have more time to think. Time drags out as they try to process information. It takes so long for them to find, understand and prioritize their options that business processes slow to a crawl. By the time anyone takes action, situations have turned into crises and stress levels are high – the worst possible environment for good decision-making.

A visual explanation is designed to clear away this fog of confusion by depicting complex information visually, in order to make it more clear, concise and concrete. This allows people to quickly grasp key issues and make faster, better decisions.

Click to see an example of a visual explanation.

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