28 August 2005

The new PR

If you’re a communication professional, there’s no doubt that the media landscape is shifting under your feet – some would say it’s turning to quicksand, where no footing or approach feels secure. Are press releases dead? Will blogs soon replace them? For dialogue and debate on this and more, check out the New PR/Wiki.
It looks like a fantastic resource for executives, PR professionals, and anyone else who is interested in the points where business, new media and public discourse intersect
Here’s the site’s mission:
  • A repository of relevant information about how the PR practice is changing

  • A collaboration tool for PR professionals and people interested in the practice of public relations

  • An open space where anyone can ask questions, post ideas, or start a project
As always, I want your feedback to help me keep this blog useful and relevant. Please let me know what you think.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, the New PR Wiki surely is a great resource. Make sure to also check out the IAOC's blog (International Association of Online Communicators) on http://www.iaocblog.com/ or my blog for that matter. There's definitely a shift in how PR is done, all for the better I hope.

Robert said...

Hello Dave,

Constantin's NewPR/Wiki is terrific. I'm certainly a fan.

We have also started a non-profit project called PRblogs.org to allow PR practitioners, students and educators to test the blog waters in a PR community. I hope you will look it over. Love to hear your opinions.

BRE said...

Hello Dave,

This is a great new blog you have here designed to help educate people about new ways to communicate in business. I've been interested in learning more about XPLANE's approach to marketing since I read about your company 3 years ago.

The fact that businesses in North America have finally woken up to blogs and bloggers and especially the huge blog audience around the world is good (I hope). Apparently many didn't get the message from early warning articles on blogs i.e. Business 2.0's August 2002 feature "Blogging for Dollars".

Here in Europe (Germany) business managers are still in the dark about the impact of blogs on communications between global citizens, but I think they're beginning to hear the footsteps of the herd closing in on 'em.

Makes me proud to see a fellow St. Louisan contributing such valuable information to the Blogosphere. I'll be back to read more, often.