21 August 2005

The Whykiki

The Whykiki is a simple but brilliant way to ensure you fully think through a project before you begin. Why is it called Whykiki? I used to know but I forgot. Ask Alberto Boin, the friend of mine who designed it. Here’s the template:

Title: What you want to do

What: What is it? What will the product be?

Why: Why do you want to do it? What’s wrong with things the way they are today, and what will be better tomorrow?

How: How will you do it?

Who: Who is involved? Who will do the work? Who will help? Who will benefit from it?

When: When will you begin? When will you be done? What are the significant milestones along the way?

How Much: What resources do you need?

Then What?

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benny said...

Thanks for that handy collection of questions you should answer before you start to do something!

Anonymous said...

I would add:

Do you really have the resources to pay the ones that are involved in that project?

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is the "original" form of the whykiki

Give to the task a very short title

A short description of what it is

How you think should be done

Those are the main reasons why to do it

Who can do it

When it can happen

how much
Briefly, how much it may cost, how much it can generate

then what
Suppose it's done, what can happen