21 August 2005

What frustrates you?

People tend to be most motivated by the things they find most frustrating. What do you find most frustrating about your current work situation? Frustration can be a driving force toward personal growth and innovation. Areas which cause you the most frustration can be driving forces of change.

Action: Set a goal to change some aspect of your life that frustrates you.
What frustrates you? I want to know.

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bornagaindancer said...

The beauty and danger of email frustrates me -- that it is immediate and asynchronous. That it is one-way and 2-way. That it is one-to-one, one-to-many and even many-to-many. It both simplifies and complicates projects. It saves time and wastes time. Where/how do we collectively develop the shared skills to use it most effectively?

Unknown said...

It frustrates me too. I am convinced there's a better way.

Anonymous said...

Making something overly complex is more frustrating than anything else I encounter at work. The utter failure of management to effectively communicate what they know with employees, before they need to field a question or issue about it.

Instead of trying to simplfy a process and help other employees be more productive, management (which often doesn't know what it's really like to do our jobs because they have never done it) likes to create untold permutations of rules and exceptions, leading to confusion when, ultimately, they encounter issues that don't fall within those rules and exceptions. This leads to "the exception that fits the rule".

And they never communicate these types of things until long after you needed the information, and it's often in the form of an impersonal email with a cryptic subject line and terse, unclear wording, leading you to question it as well.

Anonymous said...

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D.F. Fountain said...

The interminable waiting in airports: check-in lines, security lines, boarding lines and then waiting on the tarmac.